All you need to know about Verve E-Bikes

Yes, our model Pantera is street legal and can be used on public roads. This E-Bike model has EN15194 certification, required in Europe to circulate on public roads

Our E-Bike can be compared to a normal bicycle so rules that applied to standard bicycles can also be applied to E-Bikes with motor limited to max. 250W of Power (like Pantera model). For this reasons to ride Pantera:

  1. It is not necessary to have a driver license
  2. There is no age limit (such as 18 years old).
  3. You don’t need any insurance
  4. According to different countries it can be required or not to wear a helmet, depending also on the rider’s age.

Pantera comes with one-size-fits-all. The recommended height of thr rider varies from 1.67 to 1.95cm

Cadence sensor activates the motor when you start pedaling. If you stop turning pedals the engine turns off. This system allows you not to use any force during your ride. By selecting the assist level on the switch you can control the boost from the motor. Once the pedals are spinning you can choose to cruise around with minimum effort.

The torque sensor is a totally different technology based on a precision strain gauge. A torque sensor measures how hard the rider is pedaling to determine how much electric power to erogate to assist the rider. The harder you push on pedals, the higher power comes from the motor to assist. In other words the torque sensor provides you more a bicycle feeling.

On Pantera model the torque sensor is always active and you can choose to activate/deactivate the cadence sensor, depending on your driving style and desired feeling.

The bike is delivered in a box. Once you purchase your bike, the the order is normally handled ad shipped in maximum 7 work days. Shipping times vary, depending on destination (from 3 to 10 days).

You will receive a confirmation email with the shipping tracking number, to be updates on shipping status and see where your new bike is.

Pantera comes with some parts in its box that you will need to assembly before your first ride. Don’t worry, it’s quick and easy: in the box you will find the tools you need and you can follow our video tutorial about the assembly here.

We offer two different battery models with different capacity. With the 500Wh battery you will be able to ride approximately up to 110 km, while with 840Wh battery you can ride up to 140KM.

The range depends very much on, terrain conditions and differences in height, payload, tire pressure, wind, plus other factors and can vary greatly.

Especially in wintertime when outside temperatures are low, the capacity/range of the battery can be noticeably affected, this is normal for lithium-ion batteries and comes back to normal as temperatures rise.

Likewise, riding style plays a decisive role in the possible range. Anticipatory driving to avoid unnecessary braking actions and to minimize start & stop manoeuvers (e.g. in city traffic) or “smart” driving allow higher range – varying the pedal assist level (e.g. when going downhill), extensive use of the mechanical gear shift to relieve the load on the electric drive train and other actions have a decisive influence on the range.

Yes, you can remove the battery from the bike and bring it wherever its more convenient for you to charge it. There is also a lock on the battery to prevent theft.

Of course, you can remove the battery from your bike and bring it at home, using home electric supply.

Generally our batteries have a lifetime of 800 – 1000 charging cycles. It is very hard to give an exact estimate of the battery life time. Depending on the type of use and the level of stress to which it is subjected, the battery will have a different duration. There are simple actions to maximize battery life: store it in a dry environment, away from direct sunlight and with an ideal temperature between 15 and 20 degrees. If you don’t plan it to use it for a while, it’s recommended to leave the battery between 30% and 60% of it´s capacity. When it’s possible, charge the battery at room temperature.

Sure! If the battery runs out of power, you will be always be able to come back home. Pantera can be used as a regular bicycle. Also thanks to its 8-speed gearshift you can easily drive your bike also without electric power assistance.

Yes, Pantera is provided with two USB sockets, one on the battery and one under the display, to conveniently rechearge your electronic devices.

The European law does not allow any modification on the motor of the E-bike, for public road use. The motor has to have a maximum power of 250 W and maximum assisted speed of 25Km/h. Anything that exceeds this limit is illegal on public roads. You will also lose Verve warranty on your bike if you apply any modification.